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Kunshan Yuqi Art Work Co., Ltd
Contract: Mr. Yu
Tel: 86 0512 50178144
Mobile: 86 18913268144
Website: www.matrixlabsllc.com
P.C: 215313
Address: 508HengjingRoad,ZhoushiTown,

Kunshan Yuqi Art Work Co., Ltd has years of experience in producing various types of metal crafts and gifts, and has obtained the ISO9001:2000 international quality certification, enjoying a great popularity around the world, especially for customers in Europe, North America and Japan.
Product range of our company is as follows: badge, collar bar, cufflink, commemorative coin, medal, key chain, work number card, various types of bags, leather & metal accessories, belt buckle, advertising promotional gifts, metal trophy, crystal trophy, thin bookmarks, Christmas hanging ornament, metal trademark, name card box, letter opener, cosmetic mirror, jewelry box and other middle-to-high-end metal crafts and business gifts!
“Do worldwide business, make worldwide friends ", we hope to cooperate with you and jointly create a better future.

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